About us

largest student organisation at the University of Stavanger

ION Racing is a Formula Student team.
We are a group of 40 dedicated students, joining forces to collaborate on an ambitious project:
Each year we plan, design, build and test a small-scale (EV) formula-style car that will be competing against other engineering teams in Silverstone, England.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

Engaging with theory through reading and solving problems is undoubtedly valuable. However, the true essence of understanding develops when theory is translated into hands-on experience.
By putting theory into practice, a broader perspective unfolds, patterns emerge, and invaluable lessons are gained from the errors encountered along the way.

Students from Diverse Fields Working Together

Although a large portion of our team consists of mechanical and electrical engineering students, we have students from several other majors. Among our team you'll find students from fields such as:

  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Media