• A high-performance engineering project that is highly valued by universities and usually forms part of a degree-level project
  • Viewed by the motorsport industry as the standard for engineering graduates to meet, transitioning them from university to the workplace
  • The kite-mark for real-world engineering experience


Formula Student is an annual competition arranged by The Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Formula Student has events in USA, Australia, Germany, England, Spain, India and a lot more.

The purpose is to design, build, test, and race a small-scale formula style racing car. The car has to be built using a comprehensive rulebook. The purpose of the competition is in other words not to create race car drivers, but to give the students an impression of a comprehensive engineering project.

Formula Student also has a lot of different events other than driving. Cars are judged on a variety of static and dynamic events including: Design, cost, business, acceleration, sprint, endurance and fuel economy. This means we have to work together as a team to get a respective score and a respective position.

The extensive regulation makes sure that everything in the car is made safe. Everything is checked by judges before the car can be raced. A lot of the teams doesn't even get through this event, called scrutineering. This is where past experiences and teamwork come in handy.