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Ion Racing is a Formula Student team. Each year we build a racecar designed to compete in the world’s biggest student engineering competition, Formula Student, which has 650 participating Universities all over the world. We spend a year planning, designing, building and testing a racecar from scratch before taking it to Silverstone in England and competing against the best and brightest young engineering students in the world.

Out first car stood ready in the summer 2012, and we have since built a total of 8 cars, 6 of which have been electrical. Please see more HERE

Ion Racing is the biggest project at the University of Stavanger, and currently consists of 45 dedicated students whom give a great portion of their free time to working on our project. When our 2016 car stood ready, early summer of 2016, we found that it had taken about 40 000 working hours to finish, and the quality of our work increases year after year.

Although most of our members are studying mechanical, electrical or computer engineering we take members from any current of previous profession. Our only demand is that you are a part of our university and that you are truly dedicated.

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Ion Racing is a non-profit organization, and we can’t do this without help. We depend on help with software, founding, materials, services and more by external sources. In return sponsors get the opportunity to borrow our car for display or use, we represent them on exhibitions, show them off within the community, makes bonds between them and the university, and of course we are very easy to recruit when our education is done. We are truly grateful to all who helps us! You can find a list of our current sponsors HERE